Supplying Artwork

Wherever possible artwork should be provided as a print ready PDF document.

All artwork is pre-flighted and checked for potential errors in Adobe Acrobat XI Professional.

The artwork should take the following factors into account:

CMYK Colour

Four colour documents should be supplied as CMYK PDFs.  Whilst we can convert RGB to CMYK it can cause unexpected gamut shifts (such as muting vibrant colours) and you may be provided with a (chargeable) hard copy proof to sign off before we proceed to print.

Spot Colour

For Spot Colours, please use colours from the appropriate swatch library.  If designing for coated paper, use the Pantone coated swatch library.  Mixing and matching Pantone colours from different libraries or selecting variants that don't match the destination (such as coated swatches for uncoated stock) may not print exactly as you had intended.

Full colour jobs that need a spot colour should be supplied as CMYK + spot, with a limit of one spot colour unless prior arrangements have been made with our sales team.  Jobs that are spot colour only (with no CMYK elements) should be limited to 2 spot colours unless previously agreed with our sales team.

Image Quality

Photographs should be a minimum of 300dpi at finished size in order to print at a high quality.  Line-art and bitmap images should be a minimum of 1250dpi.


Fonts should either be fully embedded in the PDF or converted to curves.


All documents that have elements flowing over the edge of the page must include a bleed of 3mm.  Bleed is not necessary if your design has unbroken white space margins against the page edge, but is is good practice to apply bleed by default.

Print Marks

The only print marks we require are the crop marks and preferably bleed marks - all the other print marks will be stripped out by the imposition process and are surplus to requirements.


All PDFs must be centred within the page, as the Adobe PDF Print Engine in our Workflow is configured to centralise all PDFs when calculating an imposition.  Off centre PDFs will therefore appear off-centre on the printed page.


If supplying artwork for booklets, please supply artwork as single pages to view instead of printers or readers spreads.  An exception may be made in the case of concertina or gate-fold jobs such as a 6pp A4 supplied as a 630x297 2pp document.


Once artwork has been processed through our RIP, we will send you a low-res PDF for your approval via email.  If necessary we can supply a calibrated hard-copy proof of the imposed flats via our Epson 7800 proofer.

Please note that artwork not deemed print ready may be returned to the client for rework as often as necessary until the artwork is of a suitable standard for us to proceed with.  It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that artwork is promptly re-submitted as a delay may compromise the assigned press-booking slot and invalidate any delivery deadlines that had previously been agreed.

If you have any queries regarding the above or would like advice when producing your artwork, please contact our studio team on 0114 2691370 and they will be happy to help you achieve your desired result.